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Personal Message From Vladimir

Thank you for your interest in promoting Vladimir Forex Signals. I take this club very seriously - it is what I do each and every day, from morning till evening (and sometimes night as well…) together with my dedicated team of traders, software engineers and support specialists.

I’ve been getting amazing feedback from clients and followers, a lot of whom are VFS members for over 5 years, since establishing the club. The VFS club maintains the longest retention rates and lowest refunds rates in the Forex industry due to the enormous value clients receive.

I truly believe in thorough teaching of Forex trading and provide full explanation for everything I do. All my trades for the past 5 years are visible on the website, and VFS members can contact me personally via live trading rooms, email or skype. All of this makes the VFS club stand out from other signals services and be a home to both beginning and advanced traders.

What Will Your Subscribers Get?

Analytic Session Reports - top-class written reports three times a day, before every trading session, that include trading signals and trading ideas.

Forex Signals and Updates - new signals, updates and instructions regarding existing trades are sent throughout the day via email and skype.

Live Trading Room - meetings twice a day before the European and the US sessions, where live trade setups and trading plans are made for the day, as well as full follow-up for every open trade.

Comprehensive Media Zone - this library contains countless of webinars, guest speaker webinars, training material and much more. In addition, Daily Market Forecasts videos are uploaded every day.

Downloads Area - all the important material clients need in the form of PDF’s, Indicators, EA’s and more.

Traders Talk - chat area that allows members to talk to each other and to contact Vladimir.

Skype Chat group - every member can join the group, discuss ideas with each other and contact Vladimir.

We constantly update the resources that clients get and ask them for feedback. We can honestly say that the vast majority of our members say the VFS club is the best thing they could have hoped for when it comes to their trading.

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With 3 analytic session reports per day, live trading room meetings, 
the most accurate trade signals, comprehensive webinars and a community
chat group, Vladimir's Forex Signals Service is on a league of its own. 
Vladimir Ribakov is a well-known active professional trader, who discovered 
his passion for educating home-based traders, showing them how to profitably 
trade Forex, commodities and indices.
I am happy to provide you with a 7-day free access to Vladimir’s "virtual 
trading office" where you can use the resources that have helped people 
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If you've been searching for ways to master the Forex market, there's 
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Vladimir stands out for the outstanding help he provides to his 
followers, that includes live trading rooms, daily market reports, 
webinars and much more. He is known as the “Nostradamus of Trading” 
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Vladimir Ribakov is a well-known professional Forex trader with an 
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His club, Vladimir Forex Signals, is a home to traders of all levels 
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Subject: The most profitable Forex club
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Vladimir Forex Signals& Mentoring club is your answer for steady, safe 
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With a public record of earning more than 30,000 pips for his followers, 
the club is the fastest growing Forex community because it provides 
everything a person needs to quickly become a profitable home-based trader. 

See why thousands of people have crowned Vladimir Ribakovas the best 
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